The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Growth Options Consultation is scheduled to be consulted upon between 6 July to 14 September 2020. Further details are set out below. 

Online comments can be made on the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan consultation page.

Councils are required to set out strategic policies to address local priorities for development. Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe Borough Councils along with Nottingham City Council are developing a joint Strategic Plan, which sets out the policies, which will help guide future development across their combined areas.

The plan looks at how Greater Nottingham’s longer-term development needs can be met up to 2038 supported by more detailed policies which will be developed in each council’s own individual Local Plan.

Being able to plan for future development needs such as housing and growth is important to the prosperity of local people. Planning for development will also provide a vital stimulus to the local economy, which will help the area recover from the impact of Covid 19, by encouraging investment, which helps to create jobs and supply chain business.

Once approved, the document, along with other planning policies, can be used for guidance by developers and planners as part of the planning process.

The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan aims to:

  • Have the right number and types of new homes, which are built in the right places and meet the needs of our local population and diverse communities;
  • Create vibrant and viable city and town centres, which are sustainable and are places where people want to live and work;
  • Provide the right conditions for economic development which generates new jobs and economic growth, and to enable strong, safe and healthier communities.

The Strategic Plan will also consider other planning issues such as climate change and how the plan can help achieve each council’s ambition to become carbon neutral.

There is a collection of background documents associated with the consultation available on the Evidence Base web page

Click the image below to view the document.

Please also see the related Evidence Base web page.

The consultation will last for ten weeks starting on 6th July and ending on 14th  September 2020.

The current public health crisis and social distancing measures impose some restrictions on the way Councils can operate during the pandemic.  An assessment of the impact of social distancing measures on the SCIs of the partner Councils has been prepared and can be view in the Consultation Strategy.

Once you have read the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Growth Option document, online comments can be made on the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan consultation pages which also includes a downloadable consultation form.

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Please view below two YouTube presentations that has been prepared to provide details about the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Growth Options Consultation.

Shorter YouTube presentation.

Longer YouTube presentation.


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